Security & Training

Filming in high-risk environments, security advice and training for overseas deployment, underwater filming, working at height specialists.

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Security & Training

We offer training in defensive tactics, security breach, cargo & freight handling, terrorist threats and contingencies, security screening, airport perimeter protection.

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Training & Development

Staff training (security and medical), conflict resolution, threat and mitigation, defensive and offensive tactics, staff induction training, leadership development.

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Corporate Security


Security Support
& Training

We enable businesses and families to protect their assets and reputations without limiting their operations and lifestyles. 

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phoneZeroRisk is a boutique Security and Risk Management company based in Sydney, Australia, providing security and related services worldwide.

Our team includes executives with extensive military background as well as strategic and operational experience in the security and corporate sectors. Our management team is supported by a network of highly skilled operators around the world including ex military active duty and special forces personnel, qualified trainers and specialists.

Why are we different?

We focus on risk prevention and mitigation but we're there to help no matter what. We can deliver on this promise due to our world first real time Security App (SecApp) providing instant global risk alerts, security tips and advice, risk management tools and emergency support services to keep you and your team safe. 

Our SecApp and supporting services provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for any organisation wanting to meet their primary duty of care - keeping their people safe.

For more information on our SecApp go to: